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TSGDC gives you a competitive advantage by delivering the same advanced Government Affairs and Export Compliance capabilities used by Fortune 500s at a fraction of the cost. We bring your business to the Beltway and beyond in Defense, Aerospace, and Advanced Technologies.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to serve and guide U.S. companies who deliver critical national security capabilities to the United States Government and its Allies and partners so that, together, we will uphold free, democratic, and prosperous societies where humankind can flourish.

The Summit Group DC is Your Group. Your Power. Your Mountains Conquered.

The Summit Group DC gives you a competitive advantage by delivering the same advanced Government Affairs and Export Compliance capabilities used by Fortune 500s at a fraction of the cost.

The Summit Group DC in the media

Bloomberg HT Interview with Dana Linnet, Former U.S. Diplomat & President of The Summit Group DC

We discussed the latest developments in the defense technology and IA and the US-China technology competition with TSGDC’s CEO and President, Dana Linnet. In addition, Linnet talked about the opportunities and challenges facing international investors.

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ITSP Magazine “The C-Suite Culture Compass: A Diplomat’s Guide to Cyber Leadership and Culture”

In this Chats on the Road to RSA Conference podcast episode, former US diplomat Dana Linnet speaks about her transition from diplomacy to cybersecurity, highlighting her experiences and the lessons she learned along the way.

“The best part of climbing is when it all clicks and gravity ceases to exist.”

Chris Sharma

Our statement on Ukraine

Our statement on Ukraine

The Summit Group DC stands firmly in our support for the Ukrainian government and the people of Ukraine against Russia’s bloody, unprovoked, and illegal war of aggression. The world must defend Ukraine’s freedom, national sovereignty, and the territorial integrity its internationally recognized borders, which includes Crimea and Eastern Ukraine. As a sovereign nation, Ukraine has the right to choose its own security alliances and political relationships, including with NATO and the European Union, without fear of violence, hostile political interference, or intimidation. We believe strongly that the Russian Federation must be held to a full and complete legal and financial account and reparations for its systematic war crimes and widespread damage perpetrated throughout Ukraine and against the Ukrainian people. We also believe in a full account, reconciliation, and restitution for all Soviet era crimes by the Russian Federation as the USSR’s successor state, for which it has never atoned or been held accountable. Here’s how you can support the people of Ukraine.

Our statement on Iran

Our statement on Iran: Woman, Life, Freedom

The Summit Group DC is a strong supporter of the brave women of Iran, and their male supporters, who are fighting for their freedom, human rights, and equality against the murderous, oppressive Islamic Regime. We urge the international community to impose new sanctions and press the Regime to immediately cease all executions, torture and incarcerations of peaceful protestors, and to immediately release all political prisoners. Contact your elected representatives in the House and Senate to demand that they speak out and take action against Iran’s human rights abuses, and urge the UN and the world’s nations to do the same.