Our Ethics

We adhere to the highest ethical and professional behavior in the marketplace.


We strictly protect business proprietary and official government information (classified and unclassified).


We have strong and enduring relationships with the U.S. government’s National Security partners. We value and support America’s relationship with Allies and Partners. Doing what’s right comes before profit on all matters.


Should a registered lobbyist be required, we utilize only vetted, approved, registered lobbyist partners who possess a proven, ethical, bipartisan record for working on Capitol Hill and with covered executive branch officials.


We will direct clients in need of a U.S. Department of State registered arms broker to approved, vetted, licensed brokers in our network, as we do not provide brokering services.


The Summit Group DC is not a law firm and does not provide legal services or legal advice. TSGDC directs clients to our vetted partner law firm that specializes in legal representation in line with our export compliance services, e.g., CFIUS, M&A, IP protection registration, as well as other core legal functions. Our partner law firm has a highly seasoned “tech start up” arm with offices in Silicon Valley, a Tech-Government bridge program, as well as maintains a roster of approved overseas law firms for reliable international representation.


We adhere strictly to SEC and other U.S. laws to prevent disclosure of non-public information. This is of particular importance in our consulting work with highly regulated Financial Services clients.


TSGDC does not represent foreign governments. If we were ever to re-evaluate our position, we would NOT represent any foreign government or foreign government interest without a publicly available FARA Registration filed with the U.S. Government.


We adhere strictly to U.S. export controls laws and regulations (AECA, ITAR, e.g.) and advise our clients on how to strengthen their export controls practices in line with the U.S. Department of State’s “Best Practices” for defense exporters. Our Export Controls team does all its work on CMMC-compliant IT Systems.


TSGDC follows all laws pertaining to the No-Fear Act, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, Anti-Bribery Act and other applicable laws and regulations. We adhere to EEO and Civil Rights laws and policies. We do not tolerate harassment of our employees, clients, partners, or stakeholders at any time.


We avoid working with companies doing business with The People’s Republic of China, Russia, Belarus, Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, North Korea and any sanctioned or “troubled” country. We do not want any of our work – or our clients’ work – directly or indirectly benefiting such countries. We adhere strictly to U.S. sanctions laws and OFAC guidance. TSGDC does not accept payment in cryptocurrency or foreign paper.


As we are a Government Affairs Consulting firm, we will not – and cannot lawfully – guarantee specific outcomes when it comes to government stakeholder decisions affecting our clients.