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Growth and Innovation are Business and Revenue Imperatives

TSGDC’s Business Development, Sales, and Capture Support and Advisory arm is rooted in deep government and industry experience, with companies ranging from startups to members of the Fortune 500 (yes, they also hire us!) We bring all the elements involving technology, markets, regulation, and policy into your success strategies and execution.

Your ITAR & Export Controls

The US government knows and trusts the work of our experts. Our ITAR/EAR and Export Controls compliance team has a record of license approvals with the U.S. Department of State with wait times that are half the industry average. We know how to pre-clear your license requests and our cleared personnel will help you achieve the best possible outcome in the foreign disclosure process. We take the pain, cost, risk, and time out of export licensing and technology security foreign disclosure approvals processes.

Your Trade Advocacy Partner

Our Trade Advocacy Partners led the U.S. Commerce Department’s Advocacy Center and bring lifetimes of relationships, experience, and success to their work with U.S. Industry on behalf of clients. The team works with all USG trade related assets from grant-making to financing to lead generation. They are a force multiplier to counteracting foreign government support overseas and a brand enhancer for your customers. Give your company an edge in the competition for foreign contracts.

Your Capitol Hill Relationship Team

Our Capitol Hill Relationship Partners specialize in defense and aerospace with deep, trusted relationships on the Hill with members, staff, and committees of both parties. They will also help you navigate Legislative operations and how and when “the Hill” partners with the Executive Branch.

Geopolitical and Market Insights

You keep up with the headlines and want a deeper understanding that creates advantage and mitigates risk. Our team distills the complicated into the simple when assessing geopolitical and regulatory risks and opportunities. TSGDC’s perspectives have successfully informed the research, advisement, and management of billions in U.S. financial assets. We strictly adhere to SEC compliance regulations and ethics when conducting client engagements. TSGDC is a trusted source for dynamic insights and advice to high-ranking U.S. government officials, corporate boards, institutional investors, financial institutions, and market analysts. We invite you to work with us.

(FFL) Federal Firearms and Explosives ATF License Compliance

Our FFL Compliance team has deep, recent ATF Industry Operations and Inspections Compliance field experience and is ready to meet your needs. This service is ideal for the aerospace, defense, mining, and firearms industries. Whether you’re a small private FFL or a large aerospace corporation holding rocket fuel, propellant, and armaments, our team will be able to assist you with your ATF paperwork, violation prevention and remediation, regulatory advice, comprehensive mock inspections BEFORE the ATF arrives,  or advising and training your internal compliance teams to ensure that you’re operating efficiently and with the latest “best practices”. We provide this service at exceptionally affordable rates.